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Digital Transformation Agency

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Digital Transformation Agency (formerly DTO)

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy


The DTO’s approach as a ‘start-up’ and ‘disruptor’, combined with their unique way of doing business, challenged traditional government structures and processes. Without a clear mandate to deliver transformational change and under increasing scrutiny from the media and advocacy groups, the DTO’s approach needed to be adjusted to influence and gain the support of many powerful stakeholders, departments and agencies to succeed. We needed to establish DTO as ‘a trusted advisor and enabler of transformational change’ and build stakeholder buy-in and support for their program of work.


The strategy addressed government relations, media, employees, vendors, suppliers, NGOs and the public.  An in-depth social analysis accompanied the strategy, incorporating history and key influencers and included an ongoing dashboard to measure social activity.  Message houses and tactics were also developed for all DTO projects and platforms including GOV.AU, Digital Marketplace,, Digital Service Standard and their Identity platform.


The DTO now has the strategic framework and a roadmap of communication activities which will help it align its ‘reset’ messaging and approach both internally and externally.