Future Transport 2056

Future Transport 2056

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Future Transport 2056 – Transport for NSW

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy


An in-house engagement where we led the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement for Future Transport 2056, implementing its community, industry and local government and MP consultation program of activities, aimed at engaging the citizens of NSW in the draft Future Transport 2056 Strategy and Plan.  Then, using the feedback from the draft, coordinating the production and launch of the final Strategy and Plans in early 2018.


The strategy delivered a range of activities including community roadshow, industry forums and roundtables, surveys, presentations and face-to-face meetings to communicate the key themes and facilitate opportunities for feedback.  Communications were implemented via a range of channels including paid media, local newspapers, media releases, social media, social campaign targeting 18-35 audience and advertising on Transport for NSW assets in stations, buses and on trains


For digital (facebook, digital display, mobile) we achieved: 35,299 comments, likes and shares on facebook; five facebook advertisements reaching 730,053 people who engaged with the material on 85,844 occasions; over 600,00 video views, 40,263 views of animations and videos; and campaign reaching 9 million+ people across NSW.

Our roadshows went to 60+ community and industry locations; almost 300,000 people were reached through social media campaign; 118,405 website views; from four online surveys, 5,315 were completed; and 500+ submissions were received, with 5,580 deeper interactions and 2,328 comments.