Removal of Level Crossings, Victoria

Removal of Level Crossings, Victoria

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Removal of Level Crossings, Victoria

Evaluating the impact of the removal of level crossings on the local population – over time.


The Level Crossing Removal program is an important element of the Victorian Government’s infrastructure redevelopment plans. As Victorian residents use transport infrastructure in a variety of ways, we must understand the different perspectives of residents in their distinct user groups. This includes road, rail and pedestrian users of level crossings. Ensuring that infrastructure redevelopment takes place with minimal disruption is of particular importance.


When evaluating the impact of infrastructure development on residents we asked about their perspective as local residents, drivers, pedestrians, road users and business people. A mixed methodology research approach was essential to ensure that all groups were engaged – from face-to-face to CATI.


The study delivered insight on the impact of work, and the ways in which negative impacts could be minimised. It was also used to evaluate the success of contractors communications plans, and ensure improvements were made to these where appropriate.